Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rough Draft Video: Be Prepared to Smile

 MUSIC: John Butler Trio     
     Everything happens for a reason, and this summer, before I even knew I would be working on this project, I made the decision to take my dad's digital camera with me instead of my own Nikon with me to Africa. One of the differences: a video camera. I am not much of a video person so little did I know, this camera would become one of the most important tools I brought with me.  When Anselm told me I would have the opportunity to take pictures, I immediately thought back to a intro film class I had taken called "Time in Art". I knew with my dad's camera I could take short clips that I could then possibly fit together to make a larger video. And so I started gathering footage. First around the studio by taking short clips of details, then of the actual bead making process, and finally of the children themselves. I had no idea what I was doing technology wise and I even had to manually focus every shot, but I knew that the more footage I had, the better. When I got home I put this piece together in only one night as a visual tool to go with my own words while giving a presentation. I knew that I did not have the right equipment/programs to make anything professional looking, but I wanted people to be able to see the smiles that keep me up at night thinking of what I can do to make a difference. So this is my video! It's too long. But it's a start. I just recently sent all of my footage to Sarah, who will be making a more refined/tightened video for the official website. We are looking for someone to write an original score, so if you know any musicians, please contact me! Enjoy.

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