Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video Update

FLFF 11 postcardfront.jpg 

Finger. Lakes. Film. Festival.

On a complete whim I decided to enter the One Bead Project Video into the Finger Lakes Film Festival. 
I was burning the DVD and writing an address and directions for my parents to mail it in for me Five minutes before walking out the door.  I knew that the video was a rough draft, and would be made better, but for the time being, why not see if I could spread the word just a little bit more. 
EVERY little effort is important. Every time you talk about our project, every time you walk out of the door with a bead around your wrist or neck you are making a difference. So please talk! This is honestly the best way you can help be a part of this project. 
I was honored to find out that my film was selected to be one of the final films screened last thursday night. My friend Dana went to see it since I could not be there and she said people were really enthusiastic about the whole thing. That makes me so happy. More soon...