Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not Your Average Poster

 Instead of normal rectangular/square posters. I decided to play off of the circular shape of the logo and bead and make these ornament looking things. They will hang in groups of 3 or 4 at all different sizes. On the front is the logo and on the back is our slogan "One Duty. One Life. One Bead" with the blog/email address. Because the project has an artsy aspect to it I wanted the posters to reflect that as an almost installation piece. I am actually uploading these cell phone pictures from the Staples Copy and Print center where I am currently waiting for more of the "ONE" logos to be printed. Yesterday I was able to find a place that sells circular cardboard in bulk in all different sizes! Dream Come True. It was the best find as using a razor blade is both not fun and time consuming. 
**In the pictures above and below the ribbon is blue and silver, but I ultimately decided to replace the silver with black.**

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