Monday, September 12, 2011

A Beginning

Me this year- Always with camera in hand
This is basically my first time ever using a blog site, but I have currently been given the incredible opportunity to do something awesome, and I want to share it with you! My name is Sara, I am from a very small town in Ohio but I go to school in upstate New York at Hobart and William Smith. I am actually going to England this semester, so I am going to have to get really good at this technology thing because I will be using the internet a TON to keep up with my project. Also about me: I love photography and running. I have a bunch of sisters and dogs. Most importantly though, I am in the process of starting a non-profit organization called the One Bead Project that raises money for a small school in Kenya. This blog represents my journey but I am also using it as a way to get motived and stay on task. This project is so important to me and hopefully through my experiences it can become important to you as well. Thank you taking the time to read this and I will be posting many things in the next few days to catch you up on what's happening. Enjoy!

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