Sunday, July 8, 2012


It's here! I am sure many of you have already discovered this on your own. But I would like to take this time (post) to OFFICIALLY announce our new site:

I had a lot of trouble deciding when to do this. I have learned from my CTO, Mark Benya, that building a website is anything but easy. Although we finished the basic format weeks ago, I have spent the past few months nit-picking, changing, and adding all sorts of details. I'm learning that a good website never really is "completed". Additionally, I wanted to organize our new line of apparel before officially reveling to the world.

So here it is!!! Please take some time to click the link above and admire the hard work of the following people:

Special Thanks (yes, you must read this section!)

Mark Benya- I don't think I could really ever fit in a single post how much he has done for this site. So Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

Charlotte Lysohir- For being the first to tell me a couple of months ago that we had a lot of work to do before we showed this site to anyone! (still have work to do) But it has definitely paid off!

Matthew Mead- For taking charge of the whole production and design of our t-shirts this summer. You know you have found the best of the best when your graphic designer is calling you from a different country to make sure all of the apparel came in and everything is running smoothly.

Salli Swindell- For the lovely font and inspiration as always x

Couldn't be more thrilled!! More pictures of shirts and beads to be posted soon....



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