Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Bead Karma Yoga Class

Group picture before the class
 This was SO much fun! At 7:15 p.m. I packed up my car and went with my mom the Yoga Lounge in Hudson, OH ( When we arrived people were already showing up! The class was donation based, so instead of paying the regular fee for a class people could donate any amount to One Bead. Donations above $12 received a One Bead bracelet and donations above $20 could choose between a bracelet and T-shirt. What was amazing to me is that everyone who participated was so interested in learning about the cause. They were excited and wanted to be there! You could actually feel the energy in the studio of people dedicating 90 minutes of their day to others. It was very inspiring. We raised over $300! But more importantly we got a lot of people excited about what One Bead is doing. Kevin O'Brien did an amazing job leading the class and giving us a balance of laughter with focus and dedicated poses. I must admit I am a bit sore today!

The summer is coming to an end and I have learned so much from the different One Bead events that have taken place. It is important to have realistic expectations about what kinds of things you hope to achieve in any event. For me, I go into everything hoping to just get people excited and inspired to share my dream with others. If I can get even one person excited to the point where I am confident they are going to go home and tell someone else...then for me this is a win. The donations are a wonderful add-on!

Anyway, thank you as always for reading! Below is a playlist that Kevin shared with me for anyone interested in our Power Jam playlist Monday Night. It is a funny variety of songs :-) Thanks again to all those who showed up and practiced with us!


Karma Class may have to zoom in to read!

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  1. It’s always a pleasure to participate in events for a good cause. After all, what have you to lose? You can help others and at the same time do something good for health. Continue being a blessing to others! And stay healthy always!

    -Saundra Cortese