Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vermont Reggae Festival Coming up

While packing my suitcases and getting ready to head over to Kenya I have also been working on preparing for the Fountain of Stars Reggae Festival on August 17th and 18th. I will be in Kenya however representatives, Dana, Nicolette, and Michaela will be manning the booth on both days selling t-shirts and bracelets and enjoying the atmosphere. The real challenge has been figuring out how to get a giant box of t-shirts, supplies, gift basket, and beads to New Hampshire  without spending a small fortune! Luckily I have enlisted the help of a good family friend who is going to drive my supplies to NYC where Dana will pick them up. I am SO lucky to have such nice people who are willing to help me. I can't thank them enough and can only tell you that I would not be able to accomplish all of this without them. Anyway, keep an eye out for more information about the festival. It is our first music festival and I'm really excited to see what happens!

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